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The Smell of Blue Electricity
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CL3 1CD 15024
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The Smell of Blue Electricity

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About the Album
The Smell of Blue Electricity arises from the collaboration between the composer and musician Vittorio Montalti and the ensemble Blow Up Percussion. The composition and development of the piece was made possible with the support of SIAE – Classici di oggi 2018/19 and was created with the collaboration of Tempo Reale.

The piece is divided into different sequences and relies on the element of fragmentation. The composition is conceived as a live performance and attempts to break down the traditional boundaries between composer and performer: The composer does not only give instructions on how his work is to be performed but becomes an integrative part of the performance itself. The starting point of the piece is Vittorio Montalti’s interest for electronic media and the integration of these in his compositional research. The electronic dimension is not to be seen as a “supplement” to the percussion instruments, but rather as media that expands the timbre of the acoustic instruments.
About Vittorio Montalti
Vittorio Montalti studied composition with Alessandro Solbiati in Milan and piano with Aldo Tramma in Rome and completed his studies in composition with Ivan Fedele at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and studied lectronic music at the IRCAM – Center Pompidou in Paris. He is winner of many awards and his pieces are performed at numerous festivals. Montalti is particularly interested in musical theater, has composed four operas based on the librettos of Giuliano Compagno, works as artistic director and teaches composition at the Alfredo Casella Conservatory in L’Aquila. His works were published by Edizioni Suvini Zerboni - SugarMusic S.p.A. until 2017, and by Casa Ricordi - Universal Music Publishing from 2018 on.

About Blow Up Percussion
Blow Up Percussion is an in Rome based percussion ensemble founded in 2012 with the aim of giving contemporary music a new character. The focus of the ensemble lies on compositions of new music, but above all on works by contemporary, living composers. Blow Up Percussion is interested in musical theater, minimal music in the tradition of Steve Reich but also in electronic music and contemporary experimental sound projects. This wide musical spectrum allows to overcome prejudices and to bring experimental music into an exchange with popular music.

About Tempo Reale
Founded by Luciano Berio in Florence in 1987, it is now one of the main European reference points for research, production and educational activities in the field of new musical technologies and electronic music. Since its foundation the centre has been committed to the production of Berio’s works, working on the most prestigious stages in the world. The development of quality and creativity criteria derived from these experiences reverberated itself in the work that is continuously carried on with other great composers and artists as well as young and emerging musicians. The main subjects of research reflect the polyhedral attitude of Tempo Reale towards music: the conception of great musical events, the study of real time sound processing and interaction between sound and space, the synergy between creativity, scientific competence, performative and educational rigour. Events, meetings and projects developed at a local level regularly come alongside the research activities in this areas. On such occasions the centre cooperates with the main institutions of Tuscany, both in the field of music, theatre and dance, and in the promotion of a tight net of educational experiences.


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