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Günter Brus - Die Geheimnisträger
The 2nd audio book from the artist released with col legno, read by Wolfram Berger and with music from our treasure chamber – audio entertainment beyond compare. 
Hannes Loeschel - Songs of Innocence
Hannes Loeschel sets William Blake’s cycle of poems »Songs of Innocence« to music, ably assisted by the marvelous British vocal artist Phil Minton. col legno pop at its finest. 
Günter Brus - Die gute alte Zeit
Günter Brus’ marvellous novel read in German by Bernd Jeschek! 
Daniel Schnyder - Worlds Beyond Faust
Oscillating between jazz, classic and new music, two exceptional projects by Swiss composer Daniel Schnyder are presented on this col legno CD. 
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonies 1-9
The complete recording of Ludwig van Beethovens grand oeuvre! Played by the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento and conducted by Gustav Kuhn. 
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonien 1-9
The complete recording of Ludwig van Beethovens grand oeuvre! Played by the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento and conducted by Gustav Kuhn. 
Richard Wagner - Parsifal
Gustav Kuhn’s celebrated Parsifal, recorded live at the Passion Festival Hall Erl in the summer of 2007, with the Chorus and Orchestra of the Tyrolean Festival! 
Herma Haselsteiner - Tirolirium
"Volksmusik" – folk music at its best: pure and genuine – collected by Herma Haselsteiner, compiled by maestro Gustav Kuhn 
Gerard Pesson - Dispositions furtives
Dispositions furtives – A piano album perceptively hinting at possibilities to recall fading memories and lost times at the touch of a key, featuring Alfonso Alberti at the piano. 
Richard Wagner - Sven-Eric Bechtolf liest Der Ring des Nibelungen
Sven-Eric Bechtolf, the actor and theater and opera director, interprets Wagner’s original texts for his Ring des Nibelungen – "a logopedical circus act." 
B³+ - Uncommon Sense
John Clark, Dave Taylor and Franz Hackl on French horn, trumpet and bass trombone are not just a brass trio but create a whole cosmos of sounds, styles and techniques. 
Ladislav Kubik - Concertos
Three briliant concerts of the Czech composer Ladislav Kubík on one CD! 
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonies 1 & 5
“A Beethoven that bubbles over with joie de vivre!” (Tagesspiegel, Berlin)
Gustav Kuhn’s Beethoven-recording of Beethoven’s First and Fifth Symphony. 
Ali N. Askin - Eisenhans!
Following the great success of Mitterer’s "Brave little tailor" our second children’s opera is now available on CD: Eisenhans! “Child-friendly and light-hearted" (AllMusicGuide) 
Bernhard Lang - I hate Mozart
I Hate Mozart, hit production of the Vienna Mozart Year 2006, superbly presented by the original ensemble, has now been released on SACD and DVD! 
Bruno Maderna - Oboe Concertos
Maderna’s oboe concertos: a remarkable amalgamation of serialism, polyphone interweavings, sound poetry and delicate lyricisms. 
Michael Gregor Scholl - Pentotita
Three works by the grand composer Michael Gregor Scholl (and he is a Berliner barkeeper, too!)! 
Mauricio Kagel - orchestral works
Mauricio Kagel by himself: the composer, theater maker, filmmaker, virtuoso, writer of radio plays and, on the whole, all-round talent conducts his own works. 
Nikolaus Brass - String Quartets Vol. 1
Straight into one’s brain and belly bores the music of Nikolaus Brass. So heavily intensive starts the incredible dense second string quartet. 
Charles Uzor - Ricercare
Thick woven music, whose apparently static exterior has a complex, seething interior! Charles Uzor’s extraordinary piano concert Ricercare. 
Tom Sora - music for mechanical & electronic instruments
Nikolaus Brass - chamber music 1
In search of the inconceivable: with immense intensity Brass approaches the question of existence itself, of the line that separates being from disappearing. 
Klee-project: Verress-Gaudibert-Darbellay
The recording on occasionen of the opening of the Paul Klee museum "Zentrum Paul Klee" in Bern! 
Charles Wuorinen - piano music
The maximalist among American composers: Powerful harmonies, elegant handicraft, and a penchant for musical tradition characterizes Wuorinen’s oeuvre for piano. 
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