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A Monolith´s Dream
A musical look from the future to the present. 
Johannes Wohlgenannt - Desktop Complete
Musical places where apparently motionless and dead things are going to be transformed into living and present forms. 
Michele Marco Rossi - Canzoniere
With all the sparkling strength Michele Marco Rossi is capable of, he executes music as if already in the future (Ivano Fossati). 
“Windspiel” by the Dandelion Quintett is a mixture between harmonic and programmatic masterpieces for woodwinds and forward-looking opening. 
The Smell of Blue Electricity
The combination of percussion instruments and electronics opens up a immersive sonoric landscape 
Abyss and Caress
Klangforum Wien presents works by the (almost) forgotten composer Lucia Dlugeoszewski. 
There’s a future in being on the move. The new album "Wunderrad" by the Alpine chamber music ensemble Knoedel tells twelve musical stories about wonder and wonder. 
en dehors
En dehors is the debut album of the aspiring chamber music ensemble Spectrum Saxophonquartett 
Whatever Shall Be (Music for Toy Instruments and Electronics)
10 years after the release of "Whatever Shall Be - music for toy instruments and electronics" we present the digital extendet version of the album. 
La melodia della strada
"La Melodia della Strada" is a musical journey through the fantastic world of the italian film maker Federico Fellini.
The Present - Ex Utero
The interwaving of early and new music creates a unique Marian Vespers that litterally celebrates birth and life. 
Karlheinz Essl & Wolfgang Kogert - ORGANO/LOGICS
The album contains all of Karlheinz Essl’s organ works, written between 1986 and 2021 and recorded by Wolfgang Kogert on the Kuhn organ of the Imperial Court Chapel in Vienna. 
Les Éspaces Electroacoustiques III
The adventure is going on! Selected pieces of live electronic music practices since the emerging of digital technologies, from 1986 to 2007. 
Lukas Lauermann - Interploitation
"Interploitation" is the third studio album of the cellist Lukas Lauermann. He intervens in own recordings and create new pieces from it. 
Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert, prolifics
Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert for the first time as duo. In "prolifics" precision meets fre improvisation. 
Trio MIT, Breezes from here and there
An adventurous journey into into the vastness of fantasy: orient meets occident. 
mos, mnemonic
Drawing influences from minimalist and improvised music, m o s fuses spontaneous interplay with meticulous structures. 
Martin Ptak & Martin Eberle - MOMENTUM
Momentum is a combination of organic sounds expanded with electronic elements. 
VÉLVEZ - I will never die
"I will never die" by Vélvez: music manifesting the feeling of being on the way, music in a limbo between ecstasy and melancholy and the permanent desire to discover something new.
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