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Trio Catch - In Between
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WWE 1CD 20424

Trio Catch
In Between

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Expedition to the Edges
Trio Catch are at home in musical fringe areas, somewhere between tones, sounds and noises. In his liner notes Rainer Peters describes their music as “expedition to the edges;” and this is exactly where the three ladies intend to take us, to reveal to us to the manifold facets of transgressions and abysses, the dangers and the beauty inherent in them.

The landscape of sound we perceive is full of surprises, shaped by delight in subtle details and modified rules. With their debut album Trio Catch have succeeded in creating a reference recording for the trio instrumentation clarinet, violoncello and piano, taking their listeners with them into a fascinating world of strange encounters.
Trio Catch
Boglárka Pecze, clarinet, bass clarinet
Eva Boesch, violoncello
Sun-Young Nam, piano

Guests on track 06:
Sabine Meyer, clarinet
Reiner Wehle, clarinet




PRIME colors Edition

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