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Michele Marco Rossi - Canzoniere
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WWE 1CD 20462
This article will be published on 10.05.2024.

Michele Marco Rossi

Georges Aperghis, Obstinate 06:43 Share
Francesco Filidei, Lied 07:05 Share
Enno Poppe, Herz 13:26 Share
Noriko Baba, Avant le chant d'amour 05:12 Share
Bernhard Gander, RIFF23 10:34 Share
Filippo Perocco, Esili Canti d'attesa, Canto Primo 03:03 Share
Filippo Perocco, Esili Canti d'attesa, Canto Secondo 03:29 Share
Filippo Perocco, Esili Canti, d'attesa, Canto Terzo 03:53 Share
Total Time 53:25
Digital Booklet - only with album
About "Canzoniere"
Songs express sensitivities. They tell us about love and pain, about success or failure, give expression to forms of protest, are “serious” or “entertaining”, folkloric or a pop-cultural phenomenon. In late medieval and Renaissance Italy, the so-called “Canzonieri” spread. They mostly contain sonnets, canzoni, or ballads and – since they deal with love in all its facets – are accompanied by sheet music. Michele Marco Rossi makes use of this literary-musical genre and presents eight pieces by Georges Aperghis, Noriko Baba, Francesco Filidei, Bernhard Gander, Filippo Perocco and Enno Poppe in his “Canzoniere”, some pieces were composed for Rossi and all of them are approaches to the art form of the song. However, these are songs in which the focus is not on vocals qua vocals, but rather on the unique soundscape created by the violoncello and the interaction of the instrumentalist. However, these are songs in which the focus lies not upon singing, but rather on the tonal similarity of the cello and the human voice. The interaction between the artist’s virtuosity and the tonal diversity of the instrument truly creates “music as if already in the future” (Ivano Fossati).
About Michele Marco Rossi
Michele Marco Rossi is a well-established reference performer of contemporary music. He collaborates closely with many of today’s composers, significantly expanding the cello repertoire, moving through the genres from instrumental music over avant-garde theatre to electronic music and digital art. He was the first performer of pieces composed by Fedele, Aperghis, Sciarrino, Gander, de Pablo, and many others. Rossi’s main aim is to bring contemporary artistical ways of expressions to different audiences, playing in concert seasons, at experimental festivals or on the radio. In 2022, the Italian association of music critics (Associazione Nazionale dei Critici Musicali) awarded Michele Marco Rossi the Abbiati-Price (Premio Abbiati del Disco) for the recording of the complete cello works composed by Ivan Fedele.
Ivano Fossati (first listener’s note)
Gianluigi Mattietti (essay)
Georges Aperghis
Francesco Filidei
Noriko Baba
Bernhard Gander
Filippo Perocco
Enno Poppe


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PRIME colors Edition

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