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Trio MIT, Breezes from here and there
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CL3 1CD 15016

Trio MIT, Breezes from here and there

Open Doors 06:42 Share
Pull over MIT 08:19 Share
Asmar El Lon 05:51 Share
Sophia 04:14 Share
Yallah 02:45 Share
Bluesual 09:25 Share
Arabesque 04:12 Share
Raheel 08:32 Share
A Camel Journey Step One 05:01 Share
El Sabio 05:03 Share
Total Time 01:00:04
About "Breezes from here and there"
Trio MIT are Andreas Schreiber (violin), Orwa Saleh (oud) and Christoph Cech (piano, perc. & synths). The abbreviation “MIT” stands for “music in touch”, i. e. music that brings together, builds bridges and encourages exchange. The name of the trio as well the title of their debut album (Breezes from here and there) are the program: music as vehicle for cultural exchange and dialogue.

Like the old tradition of storytelling, the musicians will kidnap the listener into the vastness of fantasy. For Trio MIT the keyword “cultural appropriation” has positive connotations because it is the real root of musical creativity. In addition to traditional ways of playing, Orwa Saleh reverts to classic rock riffs, while Christoph Cech combines extended chord languages with maqams. The result is comprehensible music for every kind of audience.
About "Trio MIT"
Andreas Schreiber, violin
Orwa Saleh, oud
Christoph Cech, piano, perc. & synths
Andreas Schreiber
Andreas Schreiber is a composer and jazz violinist, based in Vienna and teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna; he also leads the violin jazz class at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. His artistic interest lies in bringing together apparently contradictory areas – the greatest possible freedom within the framework of clear architecture, the most delicate melody in the expression of the highest energy – and in a constantly new and changing definition of a language of different cultures.
Orwa Saleh
From ancient Syrian tales and contemporary sensations, Orwa embroiders his distinctive colorful music with stories and poems. The Syrian Oud player and composer who left Damascus 2012, takes it to the limit and further. With this progressive approach Orwa found his uniqueness through redefining the way an Oud is being played and with his exceptional style of performing and his tunes, Orwa built his career in Austria to become one of the distinguished world musicians releasing Raheel 2014, participating with windows to the east 2016, winning the integration prize of upper Austria 2015, and performing, composing and cooperating with many projects worldwide.
Christoph Cech studied percussion, jazz piano, jazz theory and composition at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna and architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

Since the early 80’s he has appeared as a pianist, composer and conductor in numerous ensembles with international concert activity. Ensembles co-founded by him such as the Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband, the Janus Ensemble, his piano trio Mondautos and the Giuffre Zone Trio guarantee performances of the latest compositions, which draw tension from the combination of experimental jazz with the sound and formal language of contemporary modernism. Beyond his diverse ensemble activities, Cech has distinguished himself as a composer and conductor in the spectrum of serious music. Cech ́s artistic oeuvre includes pieces ranging from chamber music instrumentations to large symphonic conceptions and operas. His concern and talent for conveying musical content – also to laymen – is evidenced by his rich workshop activities. From 1998 to 2006 Christoph Cech taught composition at the Vienna University of Music, and in 1999 he accepted a call to the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz as director of the JIM Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music, becoming a university professor in jazz composition in 2004.

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