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Johannes Wohlgenannt - Desktop Complete
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CL3 1CD 15025
This article will be published on 12.07.2024.

Johannes Wohlgenannt
Desktop Complete

Pure Energy 02:44 Share
Bright Night 04:56 Share
Somewhere Out 03:26 Share
Sudden Morning Sun 04:17 Share
Flashing Opposites 06:19 Share
Heavenward 03:38 Share
She's Graceful 02:35 Share
Sad Days Sunset 08:53 Share
Magical Light 04:42 Share
The Way to Live 04:45 Share
1st Episode 04:49 Share
2nd Episode 02:02 Share
3rd Episode 03:40 Share
5th Episode 05:46 Share
6th Episode 05:27 Share
7th Episode 03:47 Share
Total Time 01:11:46
About "Desktop Complete"
Desktop Complete is the result of the collaboration between Johannes Wohlgenannt (composer), Antonis Anissegos (performer) and Michael Fletscher (sound engineer). The album was recorded in the town hall of Weitra in Upper Austria, where the pianist Antonis Anissegos performed the pieces on a legendary Steinway D grand piano and Michael Fletscher recorded the tracks strictly with analogue equipment.

“Gestalt” in German means “outline”, “form” or “figure” and maybe this term is useful to describe Johannes Wohlgenannt’s compositional style. Characteristic elements of his artistic work are conciseness, contrast, uniqueness, variation, repetition, transposition and tempo. These elements are fundamental aspects of music-making but at the same time they can be also a sort of springboard for the creation of a variety of effects that seemingly have nothing in common with their material approach. These are places where seemingly dead things are going to be transformed into living and present forms: pure energy!
About Johannes Wohlgenannt
Johannes Wohlgenannt is a composer, pianist, singer and event-promoter. His songs are based upon own texts on which he pays all his attention. Songs like “Die Pola” or “Jägerstätter” were composed at the beginning of his career and pointed the way like his instrumental works for cello solo, percussion solo, or even for piano. Since the 1990s he developed a musical style that now is associated with the term “New Classics”. His affinity for pop music, its rhythms and patterns are equally evident in his compositions like the influences of minimal music and film music. In the past he always had the opportunity to collaborate and compose for and with ensembles, chamber music orchestras or large orchestras. Referential works are „Leas Wandlung in 14 Szenen“, „Libanon12.7.-16.8.2006“ and „Wolle die Wandlung“. Johannes Wohlgenannt performs as solo musician or singer with „Trietta Wohlgenannt“ and is artistic director of the concert series “Recreate Sankt Margareta | Ein Dreamival”.
About Antonis Anissegos
Antonis Anissegos (born in Thessaloniki in 1970) began his piano studies at the age of seven. In 1991, he received a piano diploma from the Thessaloniki State Conservatory (having studied with Eleni Xenariou). Further studies followed with Attila László (piano) and György Orban (composition) at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest and with Kurt Schwertzig (composition) at the Music Hochschule in Vienna. Anissegos also attended the Music Hochschule in Cologne, where he studied with Krzysztof Meyer (composition) and John Taylor (jazz piano) before receiving a composition diploma in 1997. From 1998 to 2002, he studied composition with Walter Zimmermann at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Anissegos has participated in master classes under György Ligeti, Zoltán Kocsis, Imre Rohnmann, Pierre Laurent-Aimard, György Kurtág, and Lev Vlassenko. He has been awarded numerous prizes (among them the first prize in the composition competition of the Berlin Neukölln Opera in 2000, studio prizes for recordings from the Berlin Culture Senate in 2001 and 2005, and the Culture Senate’s 2002 composition prize for his work “Stirrings Still”).

His works for solo performers, his orchestral and chamber music, and his stage compositions have been performed in various European cities (by groups such as Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Piandaemonium, Ensemble Mosaik, Ensemble Cornucopia, Ensemble DissonArt, the Thessaloniki Orchestra, the Orchestra of Colours in Athens, the Thüringen Youth Philharmonic, and Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion).

Concerts as a performer and improvisator in Europe, Japan, Korea and Central America. Member of the European Music Project, the Ensemble Junge Musik, the trio IAMA consisting of siblings, the groups Lynx, Grix, KAYA (with the butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki), ΣΩΜΑ, ddaA, Card Castle, and best before unu (with the video artist bestbefore). Collaboration with the video artist Erika Matsunami (OIO, 2005–2009), the dance group adLibdances (2007–2011), and the theatre Thikwa. Since the summer of 2006 he has taught improvisation in the Music Village in Greece. As an electronic musician, he performs under the name of “unu”. In addition, he has released more than 40 CDs.


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