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Wolfgang Mitterer - Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse 2004
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WWE 1SACD 20615

Wolfgang Mitterer
Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse 2004

mixture V 23:14 Share
die zeit spielt keine rolle 09:40 Share
vox acuta 10:47 Share
bwv.org 25:03 Share
Total Time 01:08:44
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The "devil's organist" in action: if you really want to know what the "Queen of Instruments" is all about, make sure to experience Wolfang Mitterer play it live.

Mitterer's organ event at Darmstadt in 2004 included not only works for organ solo but also synthetic sounds. In the piece mixture V (1995) he adheres to the principle indicated in the title, the mixture, in various respects – on the one hand in terms of organ technique and sound, on the other hand by his way of combining organ and electronics, deliberately holding the boundaries in the balance: at times it is impossible to tell whether a sound is created by the organ or electronically.
And the incredibly diverse sound samples, including everyday sounds like children's laughter, car alarms or chirruping birds, are skillfully woven into the overall structure so as to evoke a veritable "mixture" of recollections also in the listener. die zeit spielt keine rolle (1980) recalls Ligeti's sound clusters à la Atmosphères, imperceptibly growing from a single tone to a "full cluster." ...

... The live performance of vox acuta (1997), actually a strictly notated composition, "turned into a somewhat wild improvisation with sharp voices (vox acuta) via mixtures, fifths and the smallest of organ pipes, across all manuals." (Wolfgang Mitterer) And bwv.org (2000), with electronic sounds superimposed on reproductions of baroque organ motifs, once again bears witness to Mitterer's infinitely creative originality. And makes you wonder what a fabulous and original interpreter of Bach there might be to discover.



PRIME colors Edition

Good news from your mailbox! Mitterer makes music on the subject of ambient in an electronic environment. Two amazing CDs with radical backgrounds. 
What a cheek! So Wolfgang Mitterer can do that, too: and writing a children’s opera really is no picnic, with or without jam. (Or flies.) 
Wolfgang vs. Ludwig? Nine In One? Schicksal? Tristesse? All in one, the whole prgramme ... and yes, you really can listen to Beethoven! 
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