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Luigi Nono - Portrait Salzburg 1993
Price: € 11,99
WWE 1CD 31871

Luigi Nono
Portrait Salzburg 1993

Das atmende Klarsein 44:40 Share
sofferte ond serene... 13:58 Share
Con Luigi Dallapiccola 19:11 Share
Total Time 01:17:49
Digital Booklet - only with album
Researching into the fringe ranges of hearing, and actually going to the limits: electronics – live or prerecorded – was one of the tools employed by Luigi Nono in pursuance of this object. In his work Das atmende Klarsein he moreover endeavored to expand the ability of listening: "Waking up the ear, the eyes, human understanding, intelligence, is what is essential today," the composer, also a politically aware man, observed in the early 1980s. Das atmende Klarsein "is a key work of Nono's final years as regards his vocal technique and the use of live electronics in view of the transformation of instrumental sounds, in this case the bass flute." (Max Nyffeler) The composition ...sofferte onde serene... reflects Nono's friendship with Maurizio Pollini and their shared history of "serene waves endured." Like Con Luigi Dallapiccola it is one of Nono's intimate and personalized compositions that are essentially addressed to one recipient only. The live recordings assembled on this CD reveal the exceptional skill of the Klangforum musicians, Markus Hinterhäuser and all other performers.



Salzburger Festspiele

»12 Madrigali« explored the finely structured landscapes of sound on the »continent Sciarrino« at the Salzburg Festival 2008. A sensational original release! 
Number 4 of the Salzburg Festival “Kontinent” series was dedicated to Wolfgang Rihm. We have compiled a selection of the works for your convenience – including a first recording! 
„A composed program“: the one-time portrait concert in honor of György Kurtág brought together a group of unique artists at the Salzburg Festival in the summer of 1993. 
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